Electronic Design Specialists

Office 352-751-2941

Cell 352-250-1139

Resume of Technical Activities, 1994-2013

Micro-Processor Applications

Analog Voltmeter Frontend

Component Tester, Visual Basic 6 Driven

Non-Contact AC/DC Current  Sensor Front-End

RFID -Radio Frequency Tag Identification

Bar Code Scanners

Feed Motion Control Design

Test System Development, Motion Test System Development

Analog Audio Design for Acoustic Feedback Trainer

Precision Temperature Measuring System

Power Drive Amplifier

Acceleration Measuring System

Positioning Measurement System

Current Anomaly Detector

Isolated Current Monitor


3,670,228 Digital Fine-Coarse Servomechanism For A Single Element Printer Control System; Inventor

7,363,187 Method And Apparatus For Automatically Testing A Railroad Interlocking; Shared Inventor

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