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Product Planning, the  Step to Success

Product engineering involves many steps, not the least of which is a well thought-out plan. Review this list and determine which items would be needed for your program, but try to err on the side of conservatism.

Define Reasonable Objectives

Program Controls, realistic cost and schedule objectives

  1. Cost Plan tied to the design schedule
  2. Cost and Schedule Milestone Monitoring


  1. Functional Specification Generation
  2. Trades matrix
  3. Tolerance Flow-down
  4. Design Specification
  5. Performance Prediction
  6. Define the level of analysis required

Build / Buy Decision

  1. Vendor Bid Requirement Development
  2. Vendor Bid Review
  3. Build /Buy Trade-Off

Detailed Design, with emphasis on Design for Manufacturing and Assembly

  1. Establish Guidelines, specification, interfaces, mass properties etc.
  2. Initial design concept
  3. Concept review
  4. Preliminary design and analysis
  5. Preliminary design review, verify compliance to 1. above
  6. Final design
  7. Final design review and analysis

Assembly and Test Plan

  1. Facilities availability vs. subcontract opportunities
  2. Manpower
  3. Equipment and capital expenditure plan

Support / Documentation Plan

  1. Customer Presentations Progress Reports
  2. Manufacturing Plans
  3. Test Plans
  4. Test Data Analysis

Training Aids

  1. Drawing Packages
  2. Product Literature
  3. Assembly, Installation and Service Manuals

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